Supplemental Coverage

Our agency is partnered with the top rated companies in the industry. These companies are highly rated and have helped thousands of families in their time of need.
Supplemental Coverage

Hospital Confinement plans are designed to pay consumers a predetermined amount per hospital stay. Each day you are hospitalized the plan pays a fixed amount to cover out of pocket costs associated with your health insurance plans. These plans work great with Medicare, the out of pocket costs associated with Medicare Advantage are supplemented and give you a peace of mind while you recover. Purchasing hospital confinement plans with under 65 health insurance
helps pay for deductibles and out of pocket expenses.

Disability insurance is supplemental coverage that replaces income when you get disabled and are unable to work. Most of us don’t think about or plan for a disability, but according to Social Security
administration 3 out of 10 people get disabled before they retire. Business owners who run a business can be heavily impacted if they get disabled especially if the disability results in lack of income. Business partners can purchase this supplemental coverage on one another in case one gets disabled and their income bringing activities can impact the business.

Long Term Care insurance protects your hard earned assets. Due to aging or chronic illnesses every one of us may need some kind of care. Assisted living facilities or nursing homes can become a huge expense. Savings and assets accumulated over time can be impacted by using one of these facilities. Purchasing a Long Term Care plan you or your loved ones will be protected and cared for in case of a chronic illness or aging. Our experts will help choose a plan for you from our highly rated carriers that fit your budget.

Chicago Healthcare LLC offers a multitude of products to layer and protect yourself. These plans pay cash directly to you to help fill gaps in your health insurance coverage. The money received from supplemental coverage can be used for loss of income, medical bills,
out of pocket cost, drug costs, or everyday expenses.

The modern era of health insurance is very different compared to the past. Politicians and state lawmakers have created a very different environment. Most insurance plans have some kind of gaps associated with their plans. These gaps are deductibles, coinsurance, and out of pocket costs. In order to have the most comprehensive health insurance plans, consumers can purchase supplemental coverage. Chicago Healthcare LLC acquired very good partnerships with companies that provide top rated products. We offer; Cancer Plans, Critical Illness Plans, Accident Plans, Hospital Confinement Plans, Disability Plans, and Long Term Care. Accident, Cancer, and Critical Illness plans are created to pay cash to consumers on diagnoses or any kind of accident. An accident can occur at any time in our life, with a supplemental accident plan you get a lump sum paid directly to you for any medical expense or personal expenses. Cancer and Critical Illness plans work exactly the same on diagnoses of any cancer or critical illness like a heart attack or stroke.
As a consumer you choose the amount of money to be paid out when the plan is activated.

Chicago Healthcare LLC has agents ready to help you choose the right supplemental coverage. With an abundance of products and carriers we are at the forefront of making sure our clients have the most comprehensive coverage on the market.

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